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we’re more than just swimming pools!

We specialize in residential, industrial commercial, & emergency water at an affordable rate. We are the largest bulk water carrier in Fredrick, MD and the surrounding areas.

Ponds, Hot Tub, or Spa!

No matter if you enjoy the relaxing sounds of water and nature, or the hot soothing comfrot of a tub or spa, Darling and Daughters have got you covered!

We have the resources available to fill ponds, tubs, or spas of any size. By having your pond filled quickly, it will prevent soil erosion that can occur with Mother Nature left to handle the time table.



The need for water on construction sites is varied and not always readily available. As construction grows we are here to supply your site with any water needs you may have. We can haul in water to fill pipelines and tanks we can also provide rental storage tankers. Don’t for get about dust control and clean up!


Disaster Relief

We are ready when disasters hit!  Darling and Daughters strives to be a fast, mobile and reliable water delivery system in time of need! Give us a call and let us lend you a helping hand!

We can furnish water of any type, for use at any time, because you have been effected by an emergency situation. Hurricanes and droughts are just a few examples that may occur, forcing you to need emergency water. Downtime can cost you or your company a lot of time, money, and fustration!


Special Events

No matter the occasion, Darling and Daughters have got you covered. Party, theater, fair, or more, we will make sure your event is flooding in water!

Special events is a sweeping term that can mean a festival, fair, farmers market, sports tournament, or holiday parade. No matter what the event, if it is held outdoors & sometimes, indoors, you will need a water source. Often your only choice is to haul water to the site. Our water transport trucks can bring as much as 6.000 gallons per load!


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